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    • Yep you read that correctly FaceBook let some sleezy promoter post the following images and when I called FB out for Jailing me for significantly less I was instantly banned another 30 days... I posted this image as a Joke in a locked group of adults Humor only I was Jailed for 30 days I was out a day and I saw these When I posted them and asked how they would allow these and ban me instantly as soon as I submitted I was banned again 30 more days... As you see two different companies and even different days.  
    • Im listing this in both sections to be sure You all can see this ...  
    • Watch this video you also will want to link to these two sites Rug doctor Token sniffer Avoid Crypto Scams - 7 Signs of a Rug Pull! T.CO In this video, you will learn about the 7 signs of a rug pull. A Rug Pull is a type of crypto scam where the developer of a project or coin runs away with i...    
    • If you have noticed the price action of Saitama you see I was correct in advising you all to get out fast before this disaster of another wallet drop unfolds... Well here is even more reasons not to inject cash to a known liar and scammer... This was directly from Russ the Idiot "@InuSaitama NASDAQ interview tomorrow can’t wait. will let y’all know when it’s scheduled to air. Don’t worry I won’t wear a blue shirt! " and @Saitamaguru1 will be conducting a NASDAQ interview next week that will be broadcasted on FOX, Bloomberg, Newsmax and FOX Business. It is scheduled to air around the end of January or first part of February for lots of potential investors around the world" with Russ retweeting a response "Time to put my big boy suit on. We’re stepping into uncharted territory here." But the real Interview Was Actually this... This guy can NOT avoid Lying its compulsive disorder and Pathological He doesnt even have the ability to control his lies... add Convicted felons and people under charges pending for RICO... and to me it = Organized Crime Family running major scams in crypto... Here is the real story now... Russ again stretches the truth and everyone believes he is interviewing with NASDAQ. From the companies website. "FMW Media Works offers a thorough platform to cover all your IR needs utilizing traditional media; TV, print and radio, in combination with new media, to share your company’s vision. Part of our solution is, we follow companies and allow them video news magazine interviews to tell their story to the masses in a way that the average investor can understand the value proposition. Schedule a discreet meeting so that our team can strategize with your company to assist in sharing your vision to the investing community. " Yet This is on his twitter page Currently about how coinmarket cap commented... First off does it strike anyone odd they claim if you invested into shib Saitama or safemoon you would be worth 3.5 mil off 1000 bucks Yea Sure thing... Good luck if you stayed in this shit show... It may moon but its sketch at best...