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  2. Tim...I got ya man... Good to see ya again... Mr Sullivan...lol
  3. Here I thought that I had signed up again after the big crash but I guess not. Anyways here I am again.
  4. HindyK You should be able to see these post and use the password I sent ya to open the two zips they are not explicit just inappropriate... And the rest is obvious...
  5. I remember one like that before...oddly...
  6. Sorry I have been trying to make some extra money ... But did you see the last one its not bill gates, doesnt mean its not happening...
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  8. Bought a new toy today. This one runs and drives now. Will make a nice daily driver for the summer and maybe a winter restoration project next year!
  9. Here is the clean version of the same exact video however I remind you the message that was being conveyed... Its not Bill Gates...
  10. Nancy went after Trump with 25th Amendment and VP Pence wouldnt take part. Most of the cabinet resigned that day or the next... It takes half his cabinet and the VP to remove under art 25 so it was dead in the water anyway... Then she went to the military commander at the pentagon and tried getting trumps authority revoked...he refused... Now with Impeachment she can get the Congress and Senate to restrict trumps ability... Trump has remained basically in the shadows and started oddly enough the Former President of the United States office in FL at his
  11. I complete this section by leaving these thoughts with ya... Could Kim Clements be correct? predicting Trump and everything we are experiencing... I say Yes from what I have seen he seems right dead on ... I know its weird what do you think I am saying...lol I get it I have to say Im starting to believe in God a lot more, Im starting to believe in Kims prophecies a lot more I have now watched a few hours of them and I have not found a single reason to date to not believe in fact quite the opposite the more I watch and hear what he said and when and in what context...I am almost drawn
  12. This is now US, we are Here... Trump is eerily quiet... Obama isnt...other presidents arent... This is definitely not normal Trump... The Office of the Former President of the United States ? What? We know he studied the elections in 2018 for foreign involvement the key to most of the laws he can enact are foreign involvement which we have plenty of proof of now... Mike Lydell video demonstrates... just how much... Now back to Kim his reference to two presidents... odd.. possibly right now. The impeachment between the terms also correct...? Sure seems like it
  13. And at the judiciary branch, if a court case challenging the President's use of the Insurrection Act rises to the Supreme Court, they could rule that the act is being used improperly and request that the military actions stop. But there would already need to be a case headed there, currently there is only election fraud headed to the courts...
  14. At the legislative branch, a normal piece of legislation would stand in a president's way. Because the Act is already a legislative action, NOT a part of the Constitution, Peck says it's possible for the House and Senate to remove the president's authority to invoke. If the Impeachment works this would be the same thing... without having to admit to the public the insurrection act had in fact been signed... or if they were unaware because it was targeting the corruption all of them are involved in... Trump always said he would run to save the Country if he had to because
  15. How to stop it ... Pay close attention... At the executive branch, the vice president and the cabinet could invoke the 25th Amendment. This allows the vice president to instead take over all presidential duties, meaning the president's use of the Insurrection Act would be halted. Nancy was sure eluding to this one big time...right after her laptop came us missing and they attempted to pin all the violence on Trump... Even though all summer long people were encouraged to riot and protest because its their right even to steal if need be...
  16. There is an essential first step if a president decides to unilaterally invoke the Insurrection Act. He must issue a public proclamation declaring his intent to invoke. "This public proclamation basically asks those who are the insurgents to cease and desist and go back to their homes peaceably, and give them the opportunity to do that." Peck says that alert also gives the checks and balances system to kick in. Pay attention to that last part... Trump did that twice once with the protesters in Oregon and the other at the Capital...
  17. The principle that the military should not act as a domestic police force, known as “posse comitatus,” has deep roots in the nation’s history, and it is often mistaken for a constitutional rule. The Constitution, however, does not prohibit military participation in police activity. Nor does the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 outlaw such participation; it merely states that any authority to use the military for law-enforcement purposes must derive from the Constitution or from a statute. The Insurrection Act of 1807 provides the necessary authority. As amended over the years, it allows the pr
  18. Economic powers might sound benign, but they are among the president’s most potent legal weapons. All but two of the emergency declarations in effect today were issued under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, or ieepa. Passed in 1977, the law allows the president to declare a national emergency “to deal with any unusual and extraordinary threat”—to national security, foreign policy, or the economy—that “has its source in whole or substantial part outside the United States.” The president can then order a range of economic actions to address the threat, including freezing assets a
  19. Here is a Case an Point of what I writing about I just happened upon it so its fitting... Nonetheless, some legal scholars believe that the Constitution gives the president inherent emergency powers by making him commander in chief of the armed forces, or by vesting in him a broad, undefined “executive Power.” At key points in American history, presidents have cited inherent constitutional powers when taking drastic actions that were not authorized—or, in some cases, were explicitly prohibited—by Congress. Notorious examples include Franklin D. Roosevelt’s internment of U.S. citizens and
  20. They seem to think he could, and lets put a little perspective to this all... We know Trump initiated the Emergency declaration for Covid- we even know he could now send in the feds to help the states if requested... He could have done it also under the insurrection act... which permits the president to protect the citizens of all groups from harm and danger from lack of from said state (Basically) He waited until requested - he did not over reach... But now with the emergency declaration in effect... this also means he could in fact prevent the people involved in the insurrecti
  21. Here is an atricle that is anything but Trump and see what they comment about the use of a State of emergency... We also know Trump signed one for DC through March now from what I understand... March is important in a variety of ways...Ill cover that later...kinda why we are here now... What Can a President Do During a State of Emergency? - The Atlantic WWW.THEATLANTIC.COM From seizing control of the internet to declaring martial law, President Trump may legally do all kinds of extraordinary things. The moment the president declar
  22. When reading that pay attention to Arron Burr trying to raise an army to take over the Government... 🙂 Ill help Madison replied back with this nugget... “It does not appear that regular Troops can be employed, under any legal provision agst. insurrections,” wrote Madison, “but only agst. expeditions having foreign Countries for the object.” Also note the following section... “Jefferson was looking for a legitimate source of authority on Burr’s plot and he was willing to believe Wilkenson, even though historians suggest that Jefferson knew darn well that Wilkenson wa
  23. So we hear all the experts about the elections and we know Trump did in fact sign the EO... What that does legally... Gives the power in the event this did actually occur to the heads of the individual departments to prevent the overthrow of our constitution and way of American Life... Well I think we have enough proof to say that occurred...the election and all...Now you have seen a lot more now than election night... Next we are seeing Trump very quiet... We also heard Trumps words he said peacefully and the media keeps distorting it the time line is also in q
  24. So you see the video of the what I consider a twitchy kinda guy, whos habit or hobby is to deciefer the bible and cryptic messages with what I estimate to be a clear understanding at least from his point of view- these events... However the only problem I kept having with all of this was... He seems spot on... What do you think... The mere fact that the words he is decoding and time line he is showing well none of that is his words... Also key into these were statements made over yrs all prior to any of these never before events occurring in our lives... And the
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