Some Crypto Safety Tips Keeping Your Coins and INvestments Safe...


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Here are some basic wallet safety tips and advice for current and new investors of cryptocurrency.

One of the most important things in cryptocurrency is keeping your wallets and funds as safe as possible.

Please be careful and stay safe.

1- Make sure that you are using the right websites and DApps.

These can usually be verified from things like official Twitter or Reddit pages etc.

Once you are finished using any swap function, make sure that you disconnect your wallet.


2- Do not share your 12 word seed phrase with anyone or anything.

They are your keys to your wallet.

Do not store them on your phone or computer.

Write them accurately and precisely on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe.


3- Do not reply to people that contact you asking you to synchronize or validate your wallet.

They are 100% trying to scam you.

They will ask you to connect your wallet to a website or app and tell you to input your seed phrase.

This will give them access to your wallet and your funds will be stolen.


4- Try and keep your wallet and funds private.

I know it can be tempting to show people how much you hold or how much profit you have made.

This can potentially lead to you being targeted.

Would you post a screenshot of your bank statement online for anyone to look at ?


Those are another persons points But I agree... So be safe if your unsure walk away or ask one of us... and we dont want your coins were not that way so we never ask you for personal information...

Best of luck Folks Be diligent...

Here I go Again...


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