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  1. I hear you. I'm not holding my breath but still have hope. I just can't understand how they have gotten away with all this for so long.
  2. There sure are a lot of things that don't appear legit. Shoot even Biden appears to be "not real". What's everyone else's thoughts....
  3. Fireside Chat 9 Fireside Chat 10
  4. I'm all for it. While grasping at straws looking for reasons why it did not go the way we thought it would I started looking at the Q movement. Now I have no idea how to or where to get any of the Q drops or anything g like that. But I've been listening to people like Dave on x22 report and I'm really beginnig to see a possible path to victory. Some will call me crazy and well, maybe I am. But the alternative doesn't look bright so I choose to continue have hope in a plan that I pray is in m play.
  5. Ok so the US has a Law of War guidelines that must be followed. Here is a better explanation but I do believe there are still things going on behind d the schenes...
  6. I heard he started the Office of the Fromer President Donald J Trump. I still don't think this is over. What is everyone else thoughts?
  7. I might get it eventually lol
  8. Yeah I saw that too, Just grasping at straw I guess.
  9. I'm still holding on to hope, because the alternative is frightful to say the least.
  10. You are doing a great Job. Thank you for keeping this going!
  11. Pastor Paul Begley received this Alert. received_442282046806359.mp4
  12. Yeah I see where she spoke again today. I didn't see that before I saw the pictute.
  13. Oh and she quoted a shot little Bible vs. The whole thing was pathetic. Yeah...if people do t know how evil she is there is no hope for them.
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