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  1. Bought a new toy today. This one runs and drives now. Will make a nice daily driver for the summer and maybe a winter restoration project next year!
  2. It’s pretty simple, Believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and he has done it all for us. ❤️
  3. I’m waiting for him to require proof of vaccinations to be able to fly! if he does that, a certain percentage of the population won’t be vaccinated and that will in turn hurt the airline’s again. I work for a big Pharma making one of the vaccines and I am leaning on not getting it. Especially after viewing Gates video from years ago. Although I only have 8 1/2 weeks until I retire!!!!!! Yeehaw!!!
  4. J Bollnow

    Ford Trucks

    Wow, Thank You I retire at the end of March. Then I’ll start working on it. I’ll have to post updates as I go.
  5. J Bollnow

    Ford Trucks

    Hi Mark, I know you like Jeeps, hence the website. I’m a Ford man. My first one was a 1978 that my father purchased brand new. Unfortunately he passed away 2 years later when I was 15, but my mom let me have the truck. I picked up a 77 and now I’m completing a frame off restoration of thevold Ford I bought. I’m going to put the stepside box on it and paint it blue like the one completed in the picture.
  6. So she has given up her seat as of today I have heard.
  7. I do a little bit of day trading in penny and other stocks. Most stocks follow patterns and when I follow my rules, I am pretty successful..
  8. One rumor was that she is under house arrest, so all the female US Marshalls are always with her! Sorry, I'm a bit skeptical. (Hopeful that she was arrested, but still skeptical.) I want to believe that Trump will be victorious and Biden will not be sworn in, but I'm tempering my expectations so I am not really let down if Biden is sworn in. If Biden is sworn in, oh crap! Jim
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