Currently Active Log in Skins for End users...

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I am making the All American Dark default load skin...

I am adding to their choice for now Mud. Trail, and Rocks...

I have a lot of work to do in Water yet...

The add on slides are huge... and I need them as sliders manageable and loadable ...

I will back shelf the 4x4. The IPS Gradient (Which I dont think we need any more since the rock and trail and mud all run that platform anyhow...

Nitro back burner...

So for now four are3 active for end users...


Opps Ill let Vortex be selectable also

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Mark R

im looking at the slider currently,i may even rip that slider out and put in a new one,more work though lol,something like this one maybe? with smaller images like a carousel


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I like the ones I cant remember Normal sized like the last set up in the other boards...

I forget which skin we were


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